Board of Directors

Position Description and Mission

As a recognized constituency within the Commonwealth University - Mansfield Office of Alumni & Professional Engagement, the primary purpose of the Association is to promote and advance the mission and goals of Commonwealth University - Mansfield (hereinafter referred to as "CU Mansfield") with programs and services that engage alumni in relationships that enhance and support the growth and success of CU Mansfield. Acknowledging alumni as vital stakeholders, the Association seeks to build relationships by:

  • Aligning Association program goals with the mission, values, and vision of CU Mansfield.
  • Collaborating with internal and external constituencies to generate resources for CU Mansfield.
  • Facilitating alumni engagement and relationships through inclusive programs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Utilizing technology, digital and print media to provide regular communication to the alumni community.
  • Recognizing students, faculty, staff, and alumni who make critical contributions to the Association, CU Mansfield, their profession, or society, in general.
  • providing strategic counsel to CU Mansfield leadership, staff, and faculty.


The responsibilities of the Mansfield University Alumni Association/Commonwealth University - Mansfield Board of Directors are to:

  • Attend (virtually and in-person) all alumni association business meetings.
  • Strive to attend (virtually) all special meetings and monthly/bi-monthly huddles.
  • Support CU Mansfield through annual giving.
  • Regularly attend and support CU Mansfield and alumni-related programming and events.
  • Assist with planning, executing, and assessing alumni programming and events.
  • Collaborate with CU Mansfield staff to identify opportunities for program development and philanthropy.
  • Actively participate in and lead committee work identified through the board.
  • Exercise loyalty toward the board and maintain confidentiality regarding CU Mansfield and internal affairs.
  • Assist the CU Mansfield staff with identifying future alumni leaders, speakers, and volunteers.
  • Serve as an advocate for CU Mansfield.


Members of the Mansfield University Alumni Association/Commonwealth University - Mansfield Board must be a member of the Alumni Association.

Every graduate of CU Mansfield or its predecessor institutions is a member of the Association. Former students of CU Mansfield who have earned at least 24 credits and whose entering class has graduated are members of the Association. There shall be an honorary alumni membership, and candidates shall be presented through the Awards and Recognition Committee to the Board for election. Honorary Alumni shall have the same rights as members of the Association.

All interested parties who meet the above membership criteria must complete the below application for board consideration.

General Information

  • The board will be comprised of 18 voting members, representing various skills, expertise, and experience. The 18-person board includes the Executive Board (e.g., President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary).
  • A board member will lead each Association Committee; however, committee membership may include non-board members.
  • Directors are elected for a 3-year term with an option for a second, 3-year term. Elections take place annually in June or by emergency appointment.
  • Mandatory board meetings are held three times a year. Two will be in person and one virtual.
  • Members are responsible for their own arrangements associated with travel and accommodations. At this time, the association is unable to offer reimbursements for such expenses.

Applicant Information